Shri Alakh Jayanti

Swami Shri Alkhanand Ji Maharaj: The visit of Supreme Almighty (Nitya Avatar) to the earth in the form of a Human.

Alakh Jayanti is the Birthday of Param Sant Sadguru Dev Swami Shri Alkhanand Ji Maharaj, who incarnated in the world on the 10th December 1939 in the Punjab region of India. His eagerness to know the God enriched him to Yogi Raj Swami Shri Hans Ji Maharaj.

Shri Vyas Purnima

Vyas Purnima, or Vyas Pooja, is observed on the full moon day in month of Ashada (June − July).

In 2012, the date of Vyas Purnima is July 3rd. Also known as Guru Purnima, the day is dedicated to Saints and Gurus, especially to Sage Veda Vyas. Disciples perform Guru Puja on this day and venerate their Guru − who is considered to be the manifestation of God.

Most people recognize Sage Vyas as the author of epic Mahabharata. However Saint Vyas is also a compiler and editor of popular Holy Scriptures associated with Hinduism including the Vedas and the Puranas. It is believed that Sage Vyas completed the compilation of the four Vedas on the Purnima day and therefore the day is referred to as Vyas Purnima.

Prior to this, for thousands of years the unparalleled knowledge and teachings of Santana Dharma were orally transmitted from Guru to disciple. The Vedas were written for the first time on "Bhoj Patra" and to complete this job Sage Vyas chose a secluded place where even his close disciples were not allowed to visit him. He went into deep mediation and wrote down from memory the great teachings of the Saints of yesteryear. When Sage Vyas gave darshan to his disciples after completing the Vedas, they referred to the day as Guru Purnima, as Sage Vyas was their Guru, which has been celebrated every year since then.

The real purpose of the celebration of Sri Guru Purnima or Sri Vyas Purnima is to express our gratitude to the Great Master Sri Veda Vyas along with one's own Guru. This brings up a question - Who is a true Guru (Sadguru)? What is the truth underlying the Guru principle? Is he the one that teaches worldly education or who explores the properties of matter? The answer is - no, they are mere teachers, not gurus.

The term "Guru" means one who dispels ignorance i.e. Guru is the teacher who removes fundamental ignorance which hides the knowledge of truth from us, but a person who can take one from spiritual darkness to light by a proper Divine path and in the shortest span of time is a true Guru (Sadguru). A true Guru is the embodiment of Brahmananda (transcendental bliss).He enjoys and confers changeless supreme happiness.

गुरूर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु गुरूर्देवो महेष्वर:| गुरूर्साक्षात् परब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरूवे नम:||

Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, and Guru is Maheswara. In this world, everything is a manifestation of Divinity. All are the embodiments of Divinity. In fact, all that we see is nothing but the Divine Cosmic Form (Viswa Virat Swarupa).

On the day of Guru Purnima, one should resolve to turn their thoughts to God; to strive for the purification of their heart and to seek self-realization. The real significance of Guru Purnima is not just worshipping the guru (preceptor) with some offerings, but in getting rid of the darkness of ignorance. "Purnima" refers to the full moon that symbolizes a mind filled with light. This day signifies the elimination of all darkness and evil from the mind.

The annual celebration of Sri Guru Pooja presents a moment of introspection for us to check up how far we have progressed in this path over the last one year, and take lessons from it and resolve to march faster towards the path of enlightenment in the current year. As long as the mind is filled with darkness (evil thoughts) there is no meaning in celebrating Guru Purnima, therefore we urge you to get rid of it.

Remember that nothing is impossible, what is required is a sincere effort in the right direction at the right time.

Second Sunday

Monthly event of AAVP Sidh Jhandi Ashram, Mahilpur started by Param Sant Sadguru Dev Swami Shri Alkhanand Ji Maharaj.

Previously this event was held on every First Sunday [according to Indian Lunar calendar] but after April 1990 this event is being celebrated on every second Sunday of the month.

Satsang timings: 10:00 AM to 01:30 PM (Summer)

Satsang timings: 11:00 AM to 02:30 PM (Winter)

Parvachan by Swami Shri Visheshanand ji.