Satsang is the rarest thing of the world. All religions and devotional practices are merely oral or outer description of Satsang.

What is Satsang? Sat + Sang = Satsang. By merging the two terms, the meaning of Satsang is derived.

The term Sat implies the God which can not be defined in words or marks. All the efforts are in vain to describe that Sat because after analyzing whole life, divine personalities like Kabir, Ramanand, etc. came on the point that


||सत्त सत्त सब कोई कहे वो तो सत्त विदेह |जिव्हा पर आवे नहीं निरख परख करि ले ||

What is "Sang"?

Now if you examine with introversion, you can gauge the kind of Satsang we do. We are used to emanate the scriptural discourses through an ear that we had heard from some one. It is one's infinite fortune to meet a perfect master by virtue of which one can possessed by Satsang Because it is hard to achieve Satsang even after the austerities, charity, piousness, scripture reading, worship of thousans of gods ,reciting mantras, of thousands of years, we should be appreciative of the opportunities.

Swami Alkhanand ji described that there are two sights to attain in Satsang.One sight show that Sat is too far from you if you find ``IT" in outer world but Sat is within you if you attach yourself with the lotus feet of Shri Maharaj ji i.e. SADGURU.It happens merely due to the will of God and with the blessings of perfect master (SADGURU i.e. सदगुरू), the supreme personality.

His Holiness Swami Shree Alkhanand ji established unique foundation of satsang in A.A.V.P. SIDH JHANDI ASHRAM MAHILPUR With such a foundation, even now, we can find many saints who have absolutely renounced the contact of female and personal wealth but could not recognize the Sat or true SATSANG because they renounce the female or wealth physically not mentally.

The feeling(ego) of detachment and renunciation can not be hammered. It is only hammered with the grace of Sadguru who settles your mind in Satsang. The only thing we have to do is to recognize the true Sadguru. If we identify such a Sadguru then we have got our destiny.

The main aspect to fulfill the meaning of Satsang, is the right conduct prescribed by holy saints and devotees.

We do not need to dwell on other books or treatises, but we should put our mind again and again in practice of SMARAN (i.e.the method of rememberance to That Supreme Almighty).

Guru Granth Sahib prescribed it as:HATH KAAR WAL DIL SACHEY YAAR WAL.(हत्थ कार वल दिल सच्चे यार वल) i.e. Do your duties but put your mind in practical SATSANG

When a person truly attaind to Satsang, he or she acquires virtuous attributes, values of being Satsangi.We ought to seek such Satsang even if we have to eat the loaf from temples.

Effect of SATSANG:

Just the Suryakant Mani (one type of pierce) engenders the fire being affected by the rays of the sun, similarly in the heart of human being the devotional tendencies of SEWA SATCHARCHA AND SATSANG are produced by the association of holy Sadguru. To be closer to God, the only and eminent means is the devotion as stated by Shri Maharaj ji and this characteristic (devotion) is only be achieved by Satsang. Shri Maharaj ji stated that the continuous devotional connection with lord is an extrenely difficult task. And that is also the product of Satsang. We are all lucky to have the devotional connection due to the true Satsang.

Devotion is a matter of such a mean that it never gets diminished by any vices if it is entirely and perfectly observed. Just as the pot made of gold does not change in value when it is deformed, the devotional practice, whenever and wherever performed, never turns to be ineffective or barren. One can pour water in to a parched and prepared pot, filled water would undoubtedly be cold. But if the pot is being made and not parched yet, one cannot hold water in to the pot or make the water cool. In the same manner, devotion represents the symbol of pot, where as the Satsang is the same of oven. When the pot of devotion, excellently parches in oven of Satsang, only then this pot will be suitable for the water to be poured in it. It is to say that the devotion of those, which has realized this mysterious meaning of Satsang and cherished also is uninterrupted and perfect.

After the Mahanirvan of Swami Shri Alkhanand ji, Swami Visheshanand ji is serving the people with such this great Satsang, so recognized it and stop running elsewhere. This is the only way for your liberation. You should do Satsang only for the sake of your own welfare, leaving all other mundane desires of this world. We are so lucky that our all disasters and miseries are carried by the God. For this reason, great saints were used to say that Satsang is the mine of all happiness, and most superior mean to salvation. After having this Satsang, there is nothing more to be achieved. So by doing such Satsang, we should please God.